Welcome to Marbella Luxury Villa Rentals Services

Marbella, a place where everything is possible and where the sun shines for more than 300 days a year. Marbella is famous for its beaches in the summer months and its more than 40 golf courses in the winter months. You can always find a restaurant to your liking and the night clubs and discotheques stay open until breakfast.

Marbella Luxury Villa Rentals is dedicated to providing some of the highest quality rentals in and around Marbella.

We have all our villas direct from owners ensuring quality control and the best prices for our clients.

We are the only rental agency in Marbella who specialize in superior villas with services for demanding clients.

It's not only renting a villa. It's about lifestyle, services and the perfect Marbella holiday.

Nannies and Babysitters.
We can offer clients nannies or babysitters. If you want a nanny for a few days or a babysitter for a night out on the town we can offer dependable nannies with a multiple of languages.

Maids and butlers.
Most of our villas already have a maid available as a full time service. Should you need additional maid service or a butler we would be happy to help you.

Whether it is for a special event or if you require a full time chef this can be arranged. We have multiple chefs depending on the type of cuisine you enjoy. The chefs also have waiters to help them serve meals.

Luxury airport tranfers
We work with the best companies in Marbella for VIP luxury airport transfers.
How would you like to be met at the gate when leaving your flight in Malaga and taken to our VIP parking area at the airport for transfer to your villa ? We also have our VIP departure service where you pass security in your own private area with no queue and go directly to gate.

In our menu "Marbella Guide" we have information on possible excursions from Marbella in chaffeur driven cars or luxury minibusses. Day trips to Tangiers can easely be arranged with guides.

Luxury Yacht Charter
We are happy to help you with any charter you might need. A fun day with watersports or a larger yacht for entertainment..

Personal Trainers & Massages
Many of our rental villas have a gym. If you want a trainer or a good muscular massage please contact us.

We of course have our own Concierge Service who is happy to help you with all the above or just booking dinners and tee times at the best golf course !

More details on the Concierge services

There are certain little touches that can turn a good villa holiday into a great one.  It could the addition of a hot tub for those who don't want to use the pool. It could be the location, the impeccable standard of the villa itself, or even just the fact you get picked up from the airport in arrival.  There are companies who offer all of the above, and more besides, but few offer the outstanding concierge service that is offered as standard by Marbella Luxury Villa Rentals

We pride ourselves on the exceptional services our concierges offer when it comes to taking the strain by taking care of those little things for you. There really is nothing they will not do for you, right down to you having their number should anything be amiss with your villa or there's just something you need doing. If you thought a villa holiday meant doing everything for yourself, then you clearly haven't stayed in one of our luxury villas. 

From the moment you are collected at the airport you will feel well and truly spoilt. You will be greeted with a superb welcome pack with those essential items you will need once you arrive.  Your concierge will be at your beck and call and take care of the booking of any excursions  you want to take, and will not only advise you on which is the best golf course to suit your ability, they will book your round for you. 

If you have come as a family but want an adult evening out, let your concierge know and they will arrange to have an approved baby sitter take care of your children for the evening. All the staff which we employ have been fully vetted and have proved themselves to be honest, reliable and trustworthy. Knowing your children are in such capable hands will allow you to relax and really make the most of your night on the town. 

If you have never visited Marbella before, you are in for a real treat. However, venturing out into such a glamorous location for the first time and looking for something to eat can also be a bit daunting, especially if you have special dietary requirements. Once again, your concierge will come through and can either  arrange for you to have  your own chef to cook those special meals you require, or recommend quality restaurants which serve such meals. 

Imagine setting sail for a day aboard a luxury yacht charter. This used to be the kind of activity reserved for the rich and famous, but is an option open to everyone who stays in one of our villas. The concierge will run through all your options with you and help you plan your trip to the last detail. Having somebody in your corner is hugely beneficial and eliminates the language barrier as being a potential problem. 

When you stay in a Marbella Luxury Villa Rentals villa you don't just get a holiday, you get an experience. We are the only company in the area which specialises in offering a bespoke service tailor made to suit the demands of even the most discerning traveller.  You may be holidaying in one of our villas but it is we who are at your service from the moment you arrive until your luxury vehicle drops you off at the airport on departure day. 

Book your holiday with us today and discover for yourself just how the other half lives. We guaranteed complete satisfaction in every area, and that your villa and your concierge will seamlessly combine to give you the experience you have always dreamed of.